BMW Focusing on Development of its Vision Next 100 Concept Car

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

BMW is busy launching a series of videos that focus on the BMW VISION NEXT 100 for its upcoming concept car.

These videos illustrate Senior Vice President Adrian van Hooydonk of BMW Group Design giving some insights about the imminent launch, as well as the ideas behind the implementation of concept. The technology being implemented in the vehicles is bound to make them function as ignition free intelligent cars. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 focuses on offering vehicles fully equipped and highly personalized based on drivers’ individual preferences and requirements. The drivers’ well-being is very important because the manufacturer feels that they should not have just the feeling of sitting in a vehicle that operates on its own. Rather, they must experience the happiness of being seated in a vehicle that is designed taking their tastes into account.

BMW Vision Next 100

In order to put the BMW VISION NEXT 100 into practice, the BMW team is taking the present day technological developments and trends into consideration that will be the norm adopted by the car manufacturer in the next three decades or so. At the same time, it has not forgotten the cues that played an important role in the past designs and innovations. Keeping all these parameters in mind, the major feature in the Vision Vehicle as a result of BMW’s innovation will be what the manufacturer terms as Alive Geometry. This is a unique concept that has not been used in any of BMW’s cars to date, and will make use of a three-dimensional sculpture that performs both in the exterior and the interior of the concept car. The ergonomic design coupled with automatic driving ensures that drivers will not lose control of the vehicle contrary to what you would actually expect.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

Additionally, drivers will be able to opt for one of the two driving modes that will be available – boost mode and ease mode. In the boost mode, the drivers have the option of taking control over the wheel themselves with all settings done according to their choice. On the other hand, the ease mode allows the drivers to take it easy and opt for fully automatic driving. In this mode, the driver can just step into the car and relax, get entertained or work on a task while the concept car takes him or her to the destination. Last but not the least, the conventional display will be replaced by the contact analog Head-Up display presented on the windscreen that provides more accurate and intuitive information.

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