BMW G31 5 Series Touring Leaked in Spy Photos

BMW G31 5 Series Touring

The BMW G31 5 Series is supposed to be revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor show next year.

Spy photographers who are known for spotting these models much ahead of their reveal, have captured the car in action and surprisingly it had very little camouflage on top of it.

BMW G31 5 Series Touring

Such upcoming models are usually covered up to the brim with camouflage so that the design elements don’t get leaked earlier. BMW for some reason didn’t wrap up their G31 5 series primarily because they didn’t make much changes to the car. It is very much similar to the sedan that is already available in the market and those minor changes are done in a small area which was covered. Rest of the car is the same old G30 5 series model that you should be familiar with, if you are a long time BMW fan and owns one of their cars.

While the changes are minimal, it is difficult to not get excited about the new G31 5 series because of the improvements the team might bring into the car. In a similar scenario, the F11 Touring version of the car looked much better in terms of visual appeal when compared to the F10 series and the same might be applicable for this new model. With larger body, sleek finish and a proper design, the wagon looks like no other variant that makes it stand apart from the crowd.

BMW has been continuously churning out one good car after another and the G31 5 Series could be one among them. The differences between the sedan and the touring version can be spotted only when the camo is removed. It won’t happen until the Geneva motor show which still has time to commence. The luxury family wagon has always been a favorite among buyers as they enjoy great level of comfort and space to accommodate the entire family.

2017 BMW 5 Series G31 Touring

With the right pricing and trimline variants, the BMW G31 5 Series could easily be a hit model in the market when it gets launched. However, if you live in North America, BMW has no plans to bring the car to your region which is not so good news. Maybe, they might release something similar to the touring model so as to keep the American audience happy. There is very little information available on the powertrain being used by the new Touring but it will once again be similar to the sedan version with limited changes.

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