High Speed Data for AT&T GoPhone Customers Boosted in Select Plans

AT&T GoPhone

The thanksgiving season is just around the corner and just like every other retailer out there, AT&T is ready to give something back to their loyal customers.

People who have subscribed for select plans with their GoPhone offers will receive a boost in their high speed data.

AT&T GoPhone

Good news is, there will be no extra charges for the additional data that you get. It’s a free giveaway for everyone who renews their $40 and $55 monthly plans. However, there are some simple terms and conditions associated with the offer just like any other special announcement. The new AT&T GoPhone high speed data boost is applicable only for customers who have a plan with Autopay. Apart from this announcement, the company also announced a couple of low rate call plans to Canada, Mexico as well as a bunch of smartphone deals. All the smartphones which are part of the package supports 4G LTE2 and will be bundled with high speed data plans.

For people who have already signed up with AT&T and using their services, this is a great way to enjoy some extra data and download those pending apps, games among everything else. If you are signed up for the $55 plan with Autopay, you will receive 8 gigabytes of high speed data. Compared to the previous plan, this is a cool 33% increase in data and the same goes for subscribers with $40 Autoplay plan as well. They get 4 gigabytes of additional data. When you renew your plan, you don’t have to compromise on any of the benefits including unlimited talk time and text. Any data that is not used in the current month will be rolled over to the next.

Statistics vary from one region to another but the $40 plan is usually the most popular choice. However, the company has also announced some add-ons in the $55 play which will allow subscribers to make unlimited calls and text. However, it is restricted only to Canada and Mexico. In case, you already have family living there and you happen to be in the United States, this looks like the best plan to go for. Those who are in a long distance relationship and love to be in touch with their special someone would surely appreciate all the benefits associated with this plan.

AT&T GoPhone High Speed Data

There’s no better time to upgrade your smartphone than the holiday season. With Christmas around the corner, there are plenty of deals and there’s Thanksgiving much earlier than anything else. Commemorating the occasion, AT&T offers two different 4G LTE2 smartphones to choose from – the ZTE Maven 2 and LG Phoenix 2. If you are planning to save some cash, go for the ZTE phone which is free when you sign up for a $30 plan. The Phoenix 2 has been discounted to $50 whereas it was originally priced at $70. The smartphones deals will be open till Dec 31st giving you enough time to make up your mind before you pick a phone of your choice. We expect equally attractive deals from other mobile networks to be announced in the following days.

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