BMW iNext Autonomous Car Gets Dedicated New Centre for Development

BMW iNext Autonomous Car

Autonomous driving has become big and BMW iNext electric car with self-driving capabilities is expected to be out by 2021.

In order to support the development process, the automobile brand has setup a new development center for research and production.

BMW iNext Autonomous

Allowing a car to drive and resting on your cozy seat back is no easy deal! While some people are still cynical about trusting an automobile with your life, the self-driving technology is going places in recent times. They are being closely integrated with technology including maps, satellite navigation, sensors, connected cars to transmit information and always allowing the human driver to have control over decision making. While it may be another five years or so before we see actual cars with no one at the steering wheel, BMW has already started working on it.

In their official blog, BMW group announced that they are about to setup a new development center at Unterschleissheim near Munich. The spot will be dedicated for developing fully-automated driving technology, the software required to make it possible, sensors, road testing and everything else related to making it a reality.

“We are ready for the huge shift in the automotive industry. BMW group has a strong base in Germany. However, the company choose to pick Munich where they could solely focus on this new technology and it will allow dedicated teams to work on things that is required for a sustainable future,” said Klaus Frohlich, a member in the development board at BMW corp.

Named as Project i 2.0, the production base established in Unterschleissheim will comprise of small teams of specialists. They will be divided into multiple groups which allows them to make quick decisions and be a quick response team. Software developers will work closely with engineers and designers for the first time in this futuristic BMW location. Whenever they develop a code, fix a bug or add a new feature to automated driving technology, they can directly install it in any BMW model car in the facility and test its authenticity. Such improvements are said to be crucial to perfect the self-driving concept before it’s rolled out to the general users.

BMW iNext Autonomous Car

The BMW iNext is the big launch that the brand is looking forward to and by 2021 they expect a lot of other models to be equipped with the tech. Besides, Robot Operating System among other latest technologies will be used in this new center to accomplish their goal, confirmed Andre Muller, a software developer at BMW Corp.

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