Minecraft Updates: Latest Version 1.11.2 Released and Latest Tips, Tricks and Add-on Features in 1.0

minecraft version 1.11.1

Update: A new version of Minecraft, version 1.11.2, has been released with a minor update to get rid of some bugs that led to crashing.

Mojang has two big updates for us. One is the release of the latest Minecraft version 1.11.1 and the other is release of some new add-ons, tips and tricks for the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition.

The company, Mojang, rolled out Minecraft Ender Update 1.0 for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition platforms yesterday. The console version of the update is yet to be rolled out. Meanwhile, PC gamers who are known for their love for tweaking can make the most out of it. In addition to this update, there are two more additional updates for Minecraft.

Minecraft Version 1.11.1

Several bug fixes have been done as part of this big update, which comes as a surprise! In addition to these fixes, the team has added several additional features and it’s an apt addition, keeping the holidays in mind. Some of the additions are – Iron Nuggets, Rocket propelled Elytra flight, Sword enhancement and change in the attack indicator.

You can get this update from the Minecraft launcher, as reported here.

minecraft version 1.11.1
Add-on Features in Minecraft Version 1.0

Detailing some of the most important features in Minecraft 1.0 update, Mojang in their official blog discussed about using new world templates and add-on packages. The special tips and tricks to make the most out of your game has been detailed by the same people behind the update. Not many would do that but Mojang being one of the favorite teams always have a love for PC gamers and they are expressing it with these instructions.

In order to access world templates, you need to have the mcpack files. In order to make things easy, they are now being denoted as templates. Anyone can go about creating a whole new world from the basic template, build custom ones or share whatever they have created with other players. Sharing world templates is mandatory in order to build bigger ones, especially with the maximum size that got increased in the new Ender update.

minecraft add-on features version 1.0

You have all the freedom to import your own templates in the game. The team has also rolled out the festive mash up 2016 world template that is fun, designed to feel the holiday spirit within the world of pixels. The game now supports add-on packages which can be shared together to other players.

In a possible scenario, if you like to share your custom world template, behavior pack and a resource pack, it can be bundled into one single pack. It makes sharing easy and the chances of losing one of them or the file getting corrupted is nil. The new file format is named the mcaddon file. Another interesting addition is the ability to mix a mcaddon file with a mcpack allowing you to share all of them at once with any friend or other people online.

The Mojang blog for Minecraft 1.0 Windows 10 and Pocket Edition upgrade also lists some important tricks for developers to overcome practical difficulties. You can read all about them in the developer blog hyperlinked above.

The team has also confirmed that they are working on new sound, music resource pack, new animations, behavior, debuggability enhancements that are heading to Minecraft soon. However, they may not be released in a specific order but rather as and when they get it ready.


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