BMW Launches its BMW Connected App for Samsung Smartwatches

BMW App for Samsung Smartwatches

BMW is now all set to make driving experience for its fans with its new BMW Connected app.

The app is optimized for use with cars manufactured in 2014 or later by connecting it to the BMW Connected Drive. Earlier models may not support all the features that the app has to offer. While the smartwatch app was initially compatible with Apple Watch Series 2, Android and Amazon Echo/Alexa, the compatibility has extended to the Gear 2 and Gear 3 smartwatches from Samsung. Interested people can download the app for Samsung’s gadgets from the Galaxy Apps store.

BMW Connected App

The app makes use of the Open Mobility Cloud system to establish a connection between a user’s smart device and a smart car. The smart device can either be a smartwatch or a smartphone. With the BMW Connected app, the car manufacturer is embarking on providing a fulfilling journey management experience with the BMW from the starting point to the ending point with seamless integration. The app offers more details than the standard parameters such as driving conditions and the time taken to reach the destination owing to traffic.

The BMW Connected app helps you lock or unlock your car from just about anywhere and also get the ventilation system activated from wherever you wish to. Owners of Samsung Gear 3 can do all these and more. These include setting an alert to remind them when it is time for their next trip and sending out intimation to the BMW when it is due. This app also assists in checking on the fuel in select car models before a journey is started to avoid a breakdown mid way. It also helps in where the vehicle was parked last so that it can be traced easily. Settings to do such tasks can be done through the dial of the Gear 3.

BMW App for Samsung Smartwatches

To sum up, the latest Android app from the luxury car manufacturer is a must have to your existing smartwatch app collection if you want to enjoy your BMW car drive. With the app providing information on just about anything needed when a car drive is planned, you possibly cannot ask for more.

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