BMW M5 Sports An Aggressive Design, Teaser in NFS Game Ahead of Frankfurt Reveal

BMW M5 Sports

BMW M5 is going to get a very aggressive look and it is promising because such cars will make buyers happy unlike the conventional models.

After all, companies like BMW, Honda, Nissan had always focused on commuter friendly models and seldom adopt aggressive design elements. The designers who have always been creative with their new cars have gone to their best extent because this time, the M5 will not only be a real car but will also be featured in the upcoming video game Need for Speed 2017 edition. Electronic Arts owns the franchise NFS which is similar to the Fast and Furious in the world of videogames.


Every year, the company will experiment with a wide range of new cars from all top players in the automobile industry within the digital world. The latest trailer for the Need for Speed was released this weekend in which the BMW M5 has been featured in digital format. The game’s trailer features two different teaser shots of the car which is an early reveal as the full launch is scheduled for the Frankfurt motor show. The upcoming model will compete directly with the Mercedes AMG E 63 S which is capable of producing a massive 604 horsepower.

The promotional material for the BMW M5 in the Need for Speed game is awesome because it not only showcases the amazing design of the car but also puts it into action in brilliant car chases. While everything is a digital version, it still looks awesome and gives a very good idea of what to expect from the car. The changes found in the model are very much constrained to the front side or at least that’s what is showcased in the teaser.

BMW M5 Sports

It has angular vents and a large front apron while the M5 badge is prominently displayed in the front. A pre-production version of the car was spotted in spy photographs but the completed version is more promising and has all the best aspects to rival a Mercedes AMG car. From the details shared so far, it is known that the BMW M5 will be powered by an all-wheel drive system and deliver more than 600 horsepower. While the team is excited to offer such power packed performance on a gasoline engine, they have no plans to introduce a hybrid, electrified version of the model anytime soon. Achieving the same level of performance using an electric motor is a tough task and their entire focus will be on the conventional M5 until its big reveal at Frankfurt.

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