WhatsApp on Windows Phone Version 2.17.170 Gets New Features

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The range of new features that are available on Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp are being introduced to Windows Phone users as well.

The latest version of the app available is 2.17.170 which introduces a couple of features that should be useful for the minority of people who love WP irrespective of it becoming less relevant with each passing day.

WhatsApp on Windows Phone

Like most other updates, all the new features introduced in WhatsApp will be hidden at first. If you follow particular steps, you can unlock those hidden stuff but it is not advisable to do so. They might make your app unstable which could in turn affect the overall performance of the phone. The newest feature to land on the Windows Phone version of the app is the ability to select multiple chats at once. While the UI of the WP version has received many improvements in due time, it still lacks in terms of aesthetics when compared to the iOS, Android version of the same app.

With the increasing usage of app, almost every type of communication takes place on WhatsApp except for the e-mails you send or receive. Allowing users to select multiple messages at once comes in handy so that you could organize your inbox and keep it clutter free for new messages to drop in. The feature can be accessed when you tap on the menu button in which a new option has been added. Titled as select chats, it will make it easy for you to select a couple of messages together and choose to either archive them for later use or just delete them all at once.

The feature has been disabled on all Windows Phone WhatsApp versions at the moment. The developers will spend a couple of days fixing the bugs and any known issues. They may also choose to release it in different regions rather than going for a worldwide launch as it could break the app, if some bug or instability occurs. Besides, with WhatsApp being the primary communication medium for many businesses and people who need to keep in touch with their network at any time, it is supposed to be reliable.


The team has also rolled out multiple updates for the iOS, Android version of the app and had withdrawn support for other platforms like the Blackberry OS that are hardly used by people these days. Even Nokia’s own Symbian is no longer relevant as the company has been busy launching Android phones these days.

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