BMW M550d xDrive Gets Upgraded with New Powertrain that has Quad Turbo Setup

BMW M550d xDrive

The latest variant of the BMW M550d xDrive will be available later this year and will further expand the BMW 5 Series, giving buyers a more powerful option to go with.

The 2017 variant of the car will sport a quad turbo six cylinder diesel engine which BMW claims that is their most powerful variant yet. The acceleration capability is what proves it mettle as the car can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds.

BMW M550d xDrive Upgrade

BMW has announced that buyers will have the choice to go for a M550d Saloon or a Touring estate. The space offered by the variants will vary and those who need more space can always pick the estate model. The car will be powered by a 3.0-liter six cylinder diesel engine but the highlight of this setup is the four TwinPower turbos provided by the M Performance division. They have tweaked in such a way to offer the best performance, as it will allow the model to produce 450Nm of torque derived from 1,000 rpm. The powertrain will be coupled with an eight speed Steptronic sports transmission system.

While the car has an all-wheel drive system, it uses rear biased Intelligent xDrive setup which splits the overall power delivered by the car to all four wheels and only to the rear wheel when required. The BMW M550d is highly efficient despite all the amazing performance and power it delivers. BMW also added that the fourth turbo charger works solely for the purpose of boosting the engine’s efficiency and shape the characteristics of its performance.

Being a sports edition model, all the variants are equipped with BMW’s M aerodynamic package and has the M Sports suspension tuned to be at least 10 mm lower than it usually is. The car uses integral active steering for maximum control on its drift and movement at top speed as well as large 19-inch alloy wheels. The color tone of the performance model is retained with dark chrome M performance exhausts and M sport brake callipers that are painted in metallic blue.

BMW M550d xDrive

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and the BMW M550d xDrive supports BMW Connected infotainment system which uses online services and has satellite navigation support. The company believes they are getting closer towards creating the autonomous car that people dream of. The model costs £49,335 which is pretty much on the expensive side.