Google Pixel 2 Development Suffers a Major Blow

Google Pixel 2

We are aware of the reports that the Google Pixel 2 is under development, with three codenames leaked via the Google AOSP suggesting that the tech giant is working on three devices.

For years now, Google has been using fish names for its Nexus devices’ codenames. Apparently, this strategy is not about to come to an end, with the upcoming Google Pixel 2 variants being developed under codenames Muskie, Walleye and Taimen.

A recent report from the same Google AOSP revealed that all three Pixel 2 devices will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. In addition to this, fresh reports have just arrived, suggesting that the Google Pixel 2 “Walleye” is already in hardware form and is being tested as at the time of this writing. In fact, this development has led to the assumptions that the Pixel 2 may be released earlier than usual or it’s just Google giving itself more time to better test and optimize the hardware of the device.

Now, in another strange occurrence, a vital individual who has been part of the Google Pixel and Google Home development is leaving the Google Pixel 2 development team. According to a report by Bloomberg, David Foster, who had been poached by Google from Amazon Inc., has left the company after just six months in office.

Google Pixel 2

Foster joined the search engine giant in October last year and immediately became the VP of the hardware product development team that is responsible for the Google Pixel, Pixel XL as well as the Google Home. At Amazon, Foster led the team that developed not only the Home competitor – Echo – but also the Kindle tablets.

At the time Foster joined Google, the company was just making its debut into the hardware market. This recruitment was an indicator of the tech giant’s growing ambitions of becoming a major name in the hardware market. With the success the Google Pixel and Home have seen so far, it’ll definitely be a major blow for the company for such a top guy to be leaving at this point in time.

It gets even worse knowing that the company is expected to release the Google Pixel 2 in the coming months. So far, a person close to the matter says that Google has no plans of replacing Foster at the moment, who has previously worked for Microsoft and Apple hardware groups as well.

With the Google Pixel already suffering a number of hardware issues, hopefully, Foster’s exit won’t be the beginning of the same issues for the highly anticipated Google Pixel 2.