BMW X2 Might Be Coming To Paris Auto Expo

BMW X2 Prototype Front

For a long time, the BMW X2 has been more of a rumor than an actual production version of the car.

But, the brand is not going to leave the X1 behind and will refresh the crossover. It might be making its appearance at the upcoming Paris auto expo.

Inside sources claimed that BMW X2 is about to go public at the upcoming show. Along with it, BMW has also planned to showcase the Mini Countryman. The car is a variant of the X1 family and is built on the same UKL front wheel drive platform. A production version of the X2 might have some minor changes. The one that is set for the Paris auto show reveal is going to be a concept version.

The engineers of the automobile brand have nearly finalized the design for the new crossover vehicle. They will showcase a dressed up version of the concept. While majority of the design elements are confirmed including the front fascia and the overall outlook of the model, last minute changes are inevitable before the X2 goes into production. It is bit difficult to comment on the car’s finish as we haven’t had a chance to witness it yet. Spy pictures of newer models usually emerge online much earlier.

BMW X2 Prototype Front

BMW is quite cautious in this regard. They have managed to keep the X2 tightly wrapped. However, we did see some prototypes of the model. It is a sleek looking entry level crossover for the entire family. If we are to go by the prototype, the car will be extremely spacious yet compact to drive around. It is designed from the ground up to be a family friendly vehicle filled with plenty of features and safety components to assure a safe ride.

The BMW X2 is a wagon which has been uplifted and is made to look like a SUV. So, if you are going to expect it to provide you with the legroom any sports utility vehicle be prepared because it might slightly disappoint you. In order to maintain the compactness of the car, BMW has opted for an innovative idea and it might meet the requirement of a specific group of buyers.

On the inside, the X2 will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It should be able to readily deliver 228 horsepower. The model is mated to an eight speed automatic transmissionand all-wheel drive is supposed to be available on all models. The pricing of the car will obviously be on the higher side.

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