PS4 System Software Update 4.00 Brings Folders, New UI And Share Menu


Codenamed Shingen, the new PS4 system software update version 4.00 is about to be rolled out on the console real soon.

It brings in a lot of interesting new features including a brand new user interface and folders to work with.

Everyone who has officially signed up for the public beta program will receive the software update 4.00. Playstation 4 users who have signed up and already selected will receive a detailed e-mail from the company. It will detail instructions to let you know how to download the files and load them on your hardware. Others may not be able to experience it quickly but it’s just a matter of time. All you have to do is wait before Sony allows you to create folders on your console so that you can organize files, games and music in their respective folders.

Folders and library organization is easily the biggest change coming to the PS4 console. Players were asking the developers to give more ways to organize content in the content launcher menu. With the 4.00 update, players will be able to create folders to keep most used games and apps. It saves a lot of time spent in fumbling through every app installed on the device.

PS4 System

Another important change is the purchased tab available in the library. Everything that you own including games and applications will be displayed within this tab. It also shows demos downloaded, betas participated in among other relevant details. The new addition gives more space for the Games and Applications tabs to view only those that are installed in the machine instead of showing everything you own. Makes content readily accessible, according to the team who worked on the update.

The main user interface has undergone an overhaul including new system backgrounds, popup notifications, new layout. But, at first look it resembles the UI you are used to but minor modifications ensure the best end user experience. Share menu option opens up as soon as you click the button your controller. It pops up as a smaller screen and displays things you shared recently including videos and snapshots.

Players can now view all the trophies they have earned using an offline mode. It is not mandatory to stay connected to the web in order to view them. The way the user profile looks have been revamped allowing players to compare their trophies with others and add a background image to the profile, if they like to.

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