Book Meru Cabs from Within Facebook Messenger – Here’s How to

Facebook Messenger

A chat bot, also known as Artificial Conversational Entity, as the name suggests, is a computer program that conducts conversation via textual or auditory methods.

Bots have been here for a number of years but they are now gaining global attention from companies after Facebook introduced the program on Messenger. Companies are integrating their services with Facebook Messenger with the aim to extend their businesses. Facebook has actually been busy launching several chatbot services in conjunction with other multinational companies in the recent past.

Radio taxi services operator Meru Cabs is the latest company to announce a new chatbot on Facebook Messenger that will integrate their cab booking system with the messaging platform. Meru’s announcement comes after a similar launch by flight services provider Skyscanner alongside other business enterprises. The new chatbot by the name Meru Messenger bot will allow you book an entire range of taxi services offered by the taxi provider on Facebook Messenger. Facebook said on a release press that users will now be able to book Meru cabs through Facebook Messenger by just typing keywords and a normal conversation.

How to get started with Meru Messenger Bot

Getting started with Facebook Messenger new bot is a friendly and a fast process, just a few confirmation steps then you start the chatting session. The first step is searching Meru Cabs under ‘Bots and Business’ section on Facebook Messenger. A one-time verification of your mobile number follows after which you can start conversational question-answers.

Once the number is confirmed, another necessary procedure is to share your location in the chat box then you’re directed to selecting the type of car you would like to travel in, whether a sedan or MeruGenie, it’s a matter of preference and availability of the car. Of course, estimated arrival time is also provided. Besides, the bot responds in real time, provides cab details including chauffeur’s telephone number and fare as well as locate the cab’s location.

Meru Cabs CEO Siddhartha Pahwa said his company prioritizes the provision of hustle free and convenient cab booking process to its customers.  Mr. Pahwa praised the invention saying booking a cab will now become as convenient as chatting with a friend.

Facebook Messenger

Meru Cabs the first of its kind to implement Facebook’s Bot services

Meru boasts being among the first cab service providers worldwide to implement Facebook’s Bot services. However, standalone startups have been sprouting in India. For instance, there is that offers bill payment services, automated cab booking among other services. Though bots are gaining momentum as an online business tool, standalone apps are also making landmarks in the space and several startups have been launched already.

Despite several bots having been launched on Facebook by now, reports say thousands of similar bots meant for the same platform are in making from all over the globe. An example is a launch of a chatbot on Messenger by Indian online doctor consultation agency Lybrate. Via this bot invalids can consult doctors on matters of health and seek their opinions just from Facebook Messenger.

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