Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Reveals That He Had Pitched A Video Game Like GTA

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People who binge-watch TV and streaming shows recognize Vince Gilligan as the creator of the popular show Breaking Bad.

Recently, Gilligan was discussing the possibility of creating video games based on the hit TV series. During this discussion, he revealed that they had considered the idea of a Grand Theft Auto inspired adaptation a while back.

He shared this information while giving an interview on the “Inside the Gilliverse” podcast. During the interview, Gilligan stated that the team had made several attempts to make a video game based on Breaking Bad several times in the past but nothing ever materialized. At one point in time, he confessed, he had pitched the concept for a game that would be set in a milieu very similar to Grand Theft Auto.

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Gilligan also dropped a hint about his wish to collaborate with Rockstar Games on this project but he didn’t say this overtly. While he said that the idea has not materialized so far, a possibility of it something like this happening in the future is there. According to him, it is an idea that “makes sense” and is very much viable. In the same interview, Gilligan made another revelation. He shared that his team was working towards developing a PlayStation VR game a while back but the project did not see the light of day.

While Gilligan is not a video game enthusiast, he said that it’s impossible for one to work in the content creation industry and not know about Grand Theft Auto. In the recent past, Gilligan stated, the team had worked on a couple of ideas for video games based on Breaking Bad but none of those plans worked out. Going by the discussion he had with the interviewer, he still hopes to see his dream of a Breaking Bad game come to reality in the future.

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