Grand Theft Auto 6: High Chance Of The Game Exploring Multiple Cities

GTA 6 concept maps

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on developing the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, fans have been extremely excited.

Though there has been a lot of conjecture around the game, Rockstar hasn’t offered any clarification on the rumors from its end. One of the most intensely discussed topics around GTA 6 has been its location. As per recent reports, the narrative of the game will span across multiple locations.

Recently, Bloomberg spoke to some of its sources and reported that Vice City will be one of the major cities where the game will be set in. As most GTA fans would know, Vice City is Rockstar Games’ fictional take on Miami.

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Though GTA 6 is far away from its release, most reports indicate towards it being Rockstar Games’ most ambitious project to date. The game will, reportedly, be mounted on a huge scale and feature several exotic locations inspired by places that exist in the real world.

Initially, there were plans to have North and South America as the primary locations for the game. Because of some logistical issues, Rockstar canceled these plans. As things stand now, the GTA 6 map will feature several important locations in and around Vice City. With time, one should get a better idea about the other key locations to be shown in the game.

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As per the report, GTA 6 will have a very elaborate map comprising a larger number of interior locations than one came across in the earlier games in the franchise. While Rockstar has stuck to certain tricks and formulas while developing the GTA games so far, one expects the company to take a few risks and focus on bringing in some novelty with GTA 6.

The Bloomberg report also states that Rockstar Games is contemplating introducing new cities and missions in GTA 6 frequently. If this truly happens, players should be very happy with this development. After all, it will enable them to explore several new areas after getting done with the game’s vanilla version.

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