Broken iPhone? Dish Network Technicians Can Now Repair it From Your Home

iPhone Repair

In the wake of the ever-growing competition in the video streaming business that is slowly eating away TV business, Dish Network is resorting to mobile iPhone repair services in a bid to stay relevant in the current mobile-first market.

The company has now found a new job for their technicians with this new Smart Phone Repair program. According to the company, a technician will now be sent to your most convenient location, be it your office or home, and proceed with an iPhone repair session just as it were you visiting an Apple shop. Whether you have an iPhone with a broken screen or a worn-out battery unit – Dish technicians will be able to fix it in about 30 to 45 minutes while you watch.

The good side of the story is that the Smart Phone Repair program is currently available to all persons who own a damaged iPhone and would want to repair it. In addition, Dish technicians will be available to offer their services 24/7 regardless of whether one is a Dish TV subscriber or not. There is also room to get an appointment on the same day you call in or if worse, the next day.

To replace an iPhone battery, one will be charged $40 while repairing a broken screen will ask for about $150 or even less. Of course, this will depend on the model of iPhone being repaired. In addition to these iPhone repair charges, Dish will also charge customers a $35 service call fee, which can be used to cover multiple iPhone repairs. It gets even better as Dish claims that the services can also be accorded to corporate organizations that wish to their iPhones repaired on a large scale.

iPhone Repair

During the same iPhone repair visits, Dish says that its technicians will also be able to do other tasks such as setup satellite services, Wi-Fi networks as well as surround sound systems. Furthermore, these technicians will be equipped with other products to sell during their iPhone repair visits. For instance, things like iPhone cases, cables and screen protectors will be hard to miss. The company also plans to expand this Smart Phone Repair program to go beyond the current limit of iPhones only, however, when this will actually happen cannot be determined at the moment.

There are risks involved

Even though Dish Network is making life easier for those who have broken iPhones, there is a huge risk involved. Since the company has nothing in common with Apple, having a Dish technician take care of an iPhone repair would leave the device with a void warranty. Furthermore, there won’t be any need of turning to Dish when your device is covered by AppleCare. If not, you will still want to avoid messing with your device’s warranty since the folks at Apple charge almost the same price for things like screen repairs.

Nevertheless, Dish Network has finally found a way to keep its not-so-busy technicians at work and at the same time earn more profits for the company, especially now that it is not doing as good as it used to in the satellite TV business.

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