Apple Loses Exclusive Copyrights to the iPhone Name

iPhone trademark

Ever since the smartphone took over the world of communication, the iPhone has remained to be synonymous with Apple.

However, this might no longer be the case as the American tech giant recently lost a trademark suit that would have meant the iPhone name remains exclusive to the company. Apparently, the trademark rights to the iPhone name no longer belong to Apple alone, instead, they will now be shared between the Cupertino Company and a Chinese company that deals in making and selling handbags.

According to the latest news coming from China, the company has earned the legal right to make and name their products after the iPhone, however, the leather products will be branded “IPHONE” and not like with Apple’s case. Xintong Tiandi Technology Company, the company that has gained rights to the IPHONE name, is based in Beijing.

During a court proceeding that pitted the company against Apple, it was decided that Apple had no exclusive rights to own the iPhone brand in China. This means that you will now be able to see a wide range of products that include handbags, cell phone, and passport cases as well as purses, among other products, branded with the name “IPHONE.”

iPhone trademark

One main reason why Xintong Tiandi Technology won the trademark case against Apple is the fact that the Chinese company registered the trademark back in 2007. This is about the same time when Apple was just making its debut in the U.S. Later on in 2012, Apple began its lawsuits, but nothing materialized as Apple lost the case. One ruling made back in 2013 was clear that Apple lost the case because it failed to prove that the name was already well-known in China before it was registered by Xintong Tiandi back in 2007.

The latest ruling by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court only reiterates this 2013 ruling, claiming that the iPhone only started showing up in China two years after the IPHONE trademark in the country had been filed.

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