Buick Regal Scheduled to Debut at 2017 Shanghai Auto Expo

Buick Regal

Buick in a statement confirmed that the next Regal in their lineup will make its first big appearance at the 2017 Shanghai auto expo.

The event is one of the biggest in Asia and will host the platform for multiple new models designed to be appealing for buyers in the region. The sedan is known for its sleek, sporty design that offers a performance which sometimes gets on par with sports edition cars. Combining the best of comfort and performance, the new Regal is expected to be a viable choice for anyone looking to own an all-purpose sedan.

Buick Regal 2017 Shanghai Auto Expo

Some of the design elements in the Buick Regal has been inspired by the Buick Avista. The latter made its way to the public during the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit last year. While some inspirations are evident in the new car, it tends to stand unique on its own and has some striking features. A couple of notable add-ons include a long wheelbase, wing shaped front grille that renders an aggressive look to the front fascia, LED daytime running lamps and Matrix styled full HD LED headlamps.

Being the family car it is, the upcoming model features all-new safety features, technology and connectivity from the company’s other high end models. While the exact details are yet to be announced, it is expected that Buick is going the extra mile to ensure their buyers are getting more than what they expect. It gives them a competitive edge against other similar sedans from more popular competitors. Compared to other automobile manufacturers, Buick Regal has a very strong customer base in China.

The Regal was originally launched in 1973 but finally made its way to the Chinese market in 2002. The popularity of the car is owed to its stylish appearance, reliable performance and the range of technology upgrades that are introduced in every new model in the lineup. With a price tag that is possibly affordable, both Chinese and American buyers have extended their patronage for Regal cars so far. The brand aims to recreate the hype once again during the 2017 Shanghai auto show reveal.

Buick Regal

The brand has already sold over 8 million vehicles in China since it set foot in the region and its new range of cars have so far received great support from the crowd. We will know how the Regal fares once the auto expo kicks off along with other models that the manufacturer might unveil.