Youtube TV at $35 a Month is Launching in Five Regions Today

Youtube TV at $35

Youtube TV is out to rival the likes of Comcast, AT&T and other television services by launching its own cable subscription plan.

The service was announced a month ago and is now available in five different regions priced at $35.

The company in their statement confirmed that the services will start today and be available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area and Philadelphia. Youtube did add that they are working to expand the services to different areas and will soon be available in all regions in the United States. However, the company didn’t specify that when and how long it will take for them to roll out the services. It is not going to be too long and the rollout will also be based on how well audiences receive it.

Youtube TV

After all, Youtube TV has some really strong competition to go against seasoned brands in the industry. At $35, the subscription includes some of the top channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and many others that are frequently watched by majority of the audience. When you subscribe to the services, you will receive unlimited access to cloud DVR services using which you can record your favorite shows and watch them at a later stage.

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Anyone who are interested in the services and would like to know how it works, Youtube TV has a 1-month trial period. It should give you a fair idea of the content being offered and the choice of channels before you decide to pay then $35 to get a monthly subscription package. Another bundled offer is that if you successfully complete your first paid month, Google will send your a Chromecast stick as a thank you note for everyone who supported the new venture. Even if you already have a HDMI stick at home, you can use this one for another television in your household.

Youtube TV at $35

The list of channels is pretty long and has been posted on the official Youtube TV page. Some notable ones include Fox Sports, FX, Disney Channel, ESPN U, ESPN News, Disney Junior, XD, MSNBC, Universal, and the exclusive Youtube Red Originals. The particular Red service from Youtube will offer exclusive content from some of the top channels on the network and they cannot be found anywhere else, making it a worthy addition if you like them. Subscribers can also get Showtime for $15 additional cost and Fox Soccer Plus for $15. There is also Shudder and Sundance Now as add-on channels. Youtube TV provides six different user accounts to allow everyone in your household to enjoy custom recommendations.