Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 “mini” with a bezel-less display and fits into the body of the Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini

The ever-growing obsession for huge display screens is slowly pushing aside what we once knew as the ideal size for a smartphone.

At some point, Apple claimed that the 4-inch iPhone was the ideal size for any smartphone user, but today, the tech giant has a massive 5.8-inch iPhone X on the market.

Before the launch of the iPhone X, Cupertino had already jumped to 5.5-inch displays with respect to the Plus variants of the iPhone, beginning with 2014’s iPhone 6 Plus. Apple was, in fact, late into the party, trailing the likes of Samsung in adopting large-screen display units, but the company has perfected the art, turning the iPhone X into one of the best handsets on the market.

While there is a huge section of the market that is happy with the latest phablet trend, others are not happy at all. Today, it’s not easy to come across a powerful flagship phone that is also compact in size. Sony, Google and perhaps Nokia have some good phones that can fit the bill of a compact smartphone with flagship specs, however, none of these phones offers what we can call “a 2017 design.”

In 2017, high-end phones have turned to a bezel-less display screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio, giving users massive display real estate on handsets that are not as huge. We have Samsung Galaxy S8 shipping with a 5.8-nch screen, but it’s housed in a body that is 2mm shorter than the Galaxy S7 Edge, yet the latter has a slightly smaller 5.5-inch screen. Despite this, there are some of us who still feel that the Galaxy S8 is quite huge to hold and operate in one hand, just like it was for the S7 Edge.

Samsung was able to drastically reduce the bezels on the Galaxy S7 Edge and this provided more room for display. Since the main idea here seems like increasing the display size, it can still be achieved using a body size of the Galaxy S7, which could probably lead to a 5.5-inch gadget with no bezels. This is what I wish for – to have a phone that is sized as the 5.1-inch S7, but has more display real estate thanks to a bezel-less design that resembles what we already know from Samsung’s flagship phones.

In a few weeks’ time, Samsung will be teasing the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the CES 2018 show in January. The phones will then be unveiled later in March, but so far, there is still no mention of a Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini. The last time Samsung released a Mini version of its Galaxy S series is way back in 2014 when the Galaxy S5 Mini was unveiled in July. Since then, the game plan changed to having multiple variants of the S family, but in 2018, I’m sure many won’t mind having a Galaxy S9 Mini that packs the same hardware specs and features as the standard S9, but for the display size and probably the battery capacity.

So, the major question here is would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 mini with a bezel-less display and a body size similar to the standard Galaxy S7? Let us know in your comments below.

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