Some Google Chromebook users still can’t access the new Microsoft Office apps

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Since the first Google Chromebook made its official debut back in 2012, Chrome OS has received significant software and hardware updates that have now moved it to a level that makes it a realistic alternative to the likes of macOS and Windows desktops.

Despite this relentless growth, one thing that has been missing from the Chrome OS ecosystem is the support for Microsoft Office. Google did add the support for Android apps, but for anyone looking to turn to a Chromebook as an alternative to Windows, an OS that is synonymous with Microsoft Office, having the support for the Office suite on Chrome OS was not an option.

Microsoft did announce that the Office suite will be coming to Chrome OS and finally, those using a Google Chromebook can now download and install the suite on their devices. Before this update, those using the new Pixelbook have been able to use MS Office on their laptops, but for others, the suite did not show up in the Google Play Store or it didn’t work property on their laptops. However, from now henceforth, the suite will now be accessible to more users, at least according to a discovery made by Chrome Unboxed.

While the support for Microsoft Office on Chrome OS comes as good news for many Google Chromebook users, there’s one little problem. At the moment, not all Chromebooks can access the Google Play Store, which essentially means that some users of these gadgets are still unable to enjoy the new Microsoft apps.

Also, it appears that only those using Chromebooks with display sizes upwards of 10.1 inches will actually be able to edit files on these apps. An Office 365 subscription is also another requirement, otherwise, you won’t be able to get your hands on these apps.

Are you able to download the new Microsoft Office suite on your Google Chromebook via the Play Store?

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