Cadillac Is Bringing The Luxury Escala Concept To Pebble Beach

Cadillac Is Bringing The Luxury Escala Concept To Pebble Beach

The luxurious Escala concept car from Cadillac is coming to Pebble Beach.

They recently showcased the interiors of the model but has now shown the entire car and confirmed that it will be making its appearance at the upcoming auto show.

The four door luxury coupe is expected to be a direct competitor for the Porsche Panamera and the BMW 6 series Grand Coupe. Cadillac already has an Escalade in its line, which happens to be a large 8-seater luxury SUV. The Escala is named based onEscalade but with a slight difference to show that it is a much smaller car but offers the same luxurious drive like its big brother.

In terms of design, the Cadillac Escala has a low ride height with a sleek and stylish finish. The car is built on the same CT6 platform. It uses a wheel base which is 4.7 inches longer than the one being used by the CT6. The change has increased the length of car by six inches offering better legroom and increased headroom for a comfortable ride.

The front fascia is adorned by a classic grille with slim LED headlights and the daytime running lights are L-shaped to achieve a bold look. Majority of the components used in the Escala including the front headlights, pillars are slim when compared to other Cadillac models. It gives a sporty yet sleek appearance to the car with some bold contours in specific spots.

Cadillac Escala

A large panoramic glass roof on the top ensures an airy ride when you are cruising at top speed in your Cadillac Escala. The rear LED taillights are shaped like a boomerang and quite conventional. The exterior has been modified slightly but it is the interiors that have undergone some radical changes. The designers have come up with the most drastic features and design on the inside of the elite Escala.

In partnership with LG, Cadillac brings a fashionable interior adorned by huge OLED screens. The display is not just an infotainment system but provides information on a lot of factors including speed, climate, satellite navigation, media control among other stuff. While the screen is bombarded with so many cool stuff, the rest of the dashboard is minimalistic and has a sleek finish to it.

The infotainment system can now sync with your smartphone’s calendar. It makes it easier to get notifications and set route for a particular location where the event is about to happen. With ample leather and fabric materials, it’s luxury redefined.

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  1. If a Z28 Camaro and a CTS-V were to have offspring this would seem to be it; that is to say that I like it.

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