Battlefield 1 Horses Have Situational Awareness And Made For Close Combat

Battlefield 1

Horses are the one of the most exciting features in Battlefield 1 apart from the fact that it is set during the World War I and offers an entirely new range of weapons/vehicles.

The first teaser revealed at E3 2016 created so much hype because of horses. Despite all these, DICE didn’t explain how these animals actually behave in the battlefield until now. In a new blog spot, the developers have explained almost all the questions we have about using horses in the war to take down enemies.

They have been designed in such a way that the horses behave like real animals and won’t be another vehicle for you to jump into. Unlike a motor vehicle, players cannot make a horse jump from a cliff or force it to run into the ocean. Being live animals, they know they are in danger and will try to come back or jump over obstacles, if any.

Battlefield 1

“There are a lot of similarities between a horse and a vehicle. Just because they are similar doesn’t mean they are the same. The health bar of a horse is much higher when compared to a human player. However, because of their huge size they are easy targets and will be targeted often during a firefight. Their best efficiency comes out in close combat where you can use multiple weapons to kill your enemies,” said the developer.

Players can spawn directly on a horse that is available or can mount one. It is quite similar to using any vehicle. There is no word on how many horses will be available in Battlefield 1 maps. But, we are sure that it will be more than one unlike choppers or jet planes that are usually limited just one per map. Most will end up fighting to take control of them.

Horses have a set of pros and cons. It should be really powerful in the right hands but could easily get you killed if you assume they are like armored cars. “We wanted to give some life to the horses. They are aware of approach danger and will try to avoid it or jump over them. The horse will have a lot of character and we look forward to players trying to communicate with the animal to succeed every round. They will also be equipped with a bunch of weapons and gadgets that you could use as soon as you mount them,” added the developer.

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