Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Disc Required to Play Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Required Infinite Warfare

The information revealed by Activision in their official blog may not affect digital users but those who buy a physical copy of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare should keep their discs in their tray to play Modern Warfare.

Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare set in space is the biggest launch in the COD series this year. The team wanted to add value to the game and decided to remaster their prolific blockbuster in gaming history. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was remastered and the launch trailer is particularly impressive. The game looks as good as new and if you pay $80 to buy the special edition, it includes both games.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

People who buy a digital copy of the game will have access to both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare as it will be tied to their PS4 or Xbox One account. However, those who buy a disc copy may choose to sell the game after a couple of months. When they do so, it might create issues when both of them have access to the digital only title Modern Warfare.

The publisher has clarified this scenario by stating in their website, “Modern Warfare is a full game download and game disc must be inserted at all times to play the remastered title. Internet connection is required.”

The information was spotted by an ardent player. There is no confirmation from Activision on selling Modern Warfare as a standalone game. If they do so, it could probably be an amazing hit on its own as the series has a huge fan base. Raven Software is the studio that has helped the publisher remaster the game while Infinity Ward has focused on Infinite Warfare, a Call of Duty game set in space for the first time.

Competing with the title this year is Battlefield 1 set during the World War I. Both games offer the best of their respective worlds and is expected to be amazing in their own respect. It has been so long since we had the chance to play a World War shooter and no AAA title featured space wars as far as we know.

Modern Warfare Required Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to get launched on November 4th. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The premium version priced at $80 gives you early access to the remastered Modern Warfare. It includes the entire single player campaign and ten multiplayer maps.

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