Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is The Only COD To Compete Battlefield 1

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The statement might sound really dumb but in many aspects, it is still Call of Duty Modern Warfare that could actually excite gamers as does the upcoming Battlefield 1.

They are practically the extremes of warfare because MW is set in the present time while Battlefield 1 revolves around World War I. The comparison came into being because Activision is about to release the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered edition. They have released a huge gameplay video whichshowcases how the new game compares with the original version.

The developers have done an amazing job. Everything right from the textures, coloring, graphical fidelity and fog lights have been modified. It makes Modern Warfare appealing like never before and you could probably play it on a high end machine with a GTX 1080 or 1070. There shouldn’t be any frame rate issues at all and you can just run it on ultra-textures!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Compete Battlefield 1

People who have had the chance to play Battlefield 1 made similar comments as the game has been optimized from the ground to make it compatible with PCs. The settings range from low to ultra, with its own set of customization options.You can make all the changes necessary so as to enjoy a smooth single player campaign and a multiplayer match on your PC. Most computers should be able to handle it at decent settings. The latest launches from Nvidia and AMD makes gaming fun at affordable rates.

Activision has been churning out a new Call of Duty almost every year. Despite their repeated efforts, they haven’t come up with an exciting announcement as Modern Warfare. Black Ops and Black Ops II were decent while Ghosts and Advanced Warfare were simply duds. The upcoming Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has simply irked gamers so much that the game has more dislikes than likes on Youtube.

If people are excited about the Call of Duty franchise at the moment, it is because of Modern Warfare making its comeback. The biggest catch is that you won’t be able to purchase it individually. It can be acquired only by paying the full price for Infinite Warfare. Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 has a single player campaign set in World War I.

The next gen World War none of us have played in almost a decade. It is truly a nostalgic time for gamers as one can experience the best from the past in both these franchises.

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