Moto E3 is Announced – It Gets Bigger/Better at the Same Price

Motorola Moto E3

Motorola has come out with a new announcement of the Moto E3, which is the third generation of the E series.

Series of Launches

Motorola recently came under Lenovo and has since then launched several phones, such as Moto G4 Plus, Moto Z and others. They have been made available in several variants to satisfy different segments. The Moto G was highly successful and this was followed by the Moto E series some years back. Now they have announced the Moto E third generation.

Similar to G4

The Moto E 2016 is almost similar to Moto G4 and comes with a 5 inches display, but a small resolution of 720 MP. This is different when compared to the G4, as the latter has a bigger display of 5.5 inches and a higher resolution of 1080 pixels. However, both the phones appear to be similar, which could be cause for concern.

Unique Features

The Moto E has water repellant attribute but it is not water resistant. However, this feature should be sufficient for a phone that comes at a low price of around $140. A battery of 2800 mAh powers the device. This is more than enough for handling the screen, especially with an improved processor. It comes with the Snapdragon, 410 processors, which are capable quad core ones offered for an entry-level phone.

The rear camera has been enhanced to 8 MP and the selfie is 5 MP. However, there is no news regarding the internal storage of the device, though it will have a microSD card for expansion.

Moto E3

Cheap Entry Level Device

It is a great phone for those upgrading from the previous second generation of Moto E. The phone has enough power to handle the latest Android 6.0 version OS. However, there is no company skin on the operating system, so it will be the cheapest phone running Marshmallow as its OS.

Price and Availability

The prices of the new Moto E will probably be similar to the earlier generation phones. However, there is a bonus available for the same price, as the features have been enhanced. As for the availability, the Moto E will probably be available in most of the regions all over the world from the month of September this year. The phone will be out in the early part of September in the UK, at a price of around 99 pounds or $232. It will be available in select sources like Amazon and Tesco or Argos. However, it is will soon be released internationally as well. The Mote E offers a significant phone for the company, as it is a lower end phone in the market. Lenovo is in charge of the company and Motorola has a lot to prove with its phones this year.

Refreshing the Lineup

The company is offering a refresh for its entire lineup of phones this year. Earlier, it was the Moto Z and the Moto G lineup and now it is the Moto E3. The latter is the most affordable of its devices.

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