Call of Duty WWII Digital Deluxe, Pro Edition and Other Goodies Detailed

Call of Duty WWII Call of Duty WWII Digital DeluxeDelux

Call of Duty WWII is the most talked about game of the moment which is going to give the fight EA’s Battlefield 1 deserves.

If DICE made an amazing game set in World War I, Activision is stepping into the WWII territory that made Call of Duty so famous in the first place. The game is going back to its roots. An official trailer was launched that revealed some of the gameplay elements. A bunch of interesting highlights can be spotted in the game including the removal of automatic healing system and the inclusion of a co-op single player campaign. Details are sparse at the moment but it could similar to how Call of Duty World at War co-op was. But, it will focus only on two player co-op. The game will launch this November on Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms.

Call of Duty WWII Digital Deluxe Details

The basic edition, on both digital and retail will cost $60. Apart from the usual edition which may have some pre-order goodies, the Digital Deluxe edition priced at $100 includes the season pass for the game. As with all previous Call of Duty games from Activision, this one will have DLC packs slated for launch throughout the year. You will be able to get all the maps, weapons and other content if you are willing to spend $40 more than the base edition.

In the United States, Gamestop is the only retailer who would have exclusive access to sell the Pro Edition of Call of Duty WWII. It comes with a season pass, the steelbook case and more goodies which are not listed at the moment. Every person who pre-orders the game will get early access to the private beta which will go live just before the launch date. It looks like Playstation 4 will be the first console to receive this beta and as always, it will show a preview of how the multiplayer maps and modes will play out in the new Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty WWII Call of Duty WWII Digital DeluxeDelux

All pre-orders done in Gamestop will include a special edition hat and people who does it online can bring a printed copy of the purchase to get those hats from the store right away. Gamestop seems to have a whole lot of offers for Call of Duty WWII as well as many other Activision games including Infinite Warfare and Black Ops III. Other retailers are expected to join the lot soon and will provide their own exclusive goodies to entice buyers into pre-ordering the game developed by Sledgehammer Games.