Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Adds Demolition Mode to Featured Playlist

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Demolition Mode

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare just got more interesting as the Sabotage DLC pack was recently released on the PS4 console.

It also has Demolition mode in the featured playlist giving you more than one reason to get back into the action for the weekend.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Mode

The double XP weekend is now live! The event commences on Feb 3rd and based on the region you live in, it is probably already open and you have missed out a day. The double keys given in multiplayer will be a special event that runs through the weekend till February 6th. By getting all these keys, players will be able to get some exotic items in the game. You need at least 10 keys in order to open a standard box filled with goodies and rare boxes need at least 30 keys. There is no better time than this double key weekend event to open them all and enjoy Infinite Warfare.

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Keeping the action intact in hardcore multiplayer matches, the developers of Infinite Warfare has also added the fan favorite Demolition Mode in the featured playlist. The announcement was made by Infinity Ward on their Twitter handle. You can’t just start playing this new mode and stop which is why the team has decided to give you more time to experience it fully. The featured playlist created will last till February 10th giving enough time for all players to come on-board and enjoy Demolition.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has been going on a strong note in the multiplayer segment. Things are getting interesting with the new Sabotage DLC pack and the Zombie map, mode that continues to enthrall players in every corner. The zombie survival mode was originally made popular in older versions of Call of Duty, the World at War that later moved on to the Black Ops franchise. At present, it is bundled with all COD games due to increased demand from gamers who just can’t get enough of killing zombies.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Demolition Mode

There are some specific weapons that creates imbalance in the game and they are acquired only through rare loot boxes. Activision and Infinity Ward confirmed that they are interested in fixing it by launching multiple patches. However, there is still a long way to go and we hope they would get it done before more DLCs arrive. The Sabotage pack got an earlier launch on the PS4 console but will also be available on PC and Xbox One platforms.

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