Android Pay v1.14 Adds Linked Offers and Loyalty Programs Upgraded : Teardown Reveals Expansion to New Territories

Android Pay v1.14

The latest Android Pay v1.14 update offers new features like linked offers and coupons as well as promotions, which can be directly accessed from the loyalty program.

Android Pay has been offering several new features in the past few months, supporting additional banks as well as credit unions and so on. A teardown on the latest version of Android Pay reveals several new additions. However, a teardown is basically speculative in nature and the information must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The new features that are mentioned here are not yet live, or it is possible that some of the features are live for a small percentage of the users.

Android Pay v1.14

Significant Changes

Though the latest update, the v1.14, does not seem to present a very changed look as far as basics are concerned, a teardown of the update shows some significant changes. For instance, the loyalty programs have been upgraded, enabling members to get special offers through them.

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Introducing Linked Offer

The new code seen in the apk of Android Pay shows linked offers, which will enable featuring of a promotional deal or coupons using the loyalty program that is saved in the user account. The text and the layout are not very clear, but it seems that the new interface may not need much at least initially. It is only the start of the Linked offers and is probably simple to begin with.

It seems that there will be a screen listing the special offers or coupons connected with a membership card that is saved in the user’s wallet. All items of the list will probably include the image connected with the offer, such as the store image, along with titles and subtitles. The + symbol found on the right side of the offer will allow users to add that particular offer to his or her collection. Once the offer gets attached to the person’s account, he or she can use it while accessing the payment account.

Hunting Deals Made Easy

Such types of programs are quite popular among merchants and very useful for users who are hunting for a deal. You can skim through the list very easily while looking for something interesting and it cam be most beneficial to the user. It is also useful for retailers who want to find out about the popularity of their products, as they can serve the coupon using Android Pay, and get a good deal.

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Missing Elements

At the moment, some aspects are still missing in the user interface and, as mentioned before, all users might not be able to see the linked offers on their loyalty program. However, this could also be due to very few such offers from some merchants, in spite of the launch of the feature.

Android Pay

Downloading the APK

Google has already signed the APK for the new version of Android Pay, v1.14, and the app on your phone must be upgraded. This signature means that users can safely upload and install the file on their phones. However, it could take some days for Google to download the file to your devices, so you can manually download it and install the same, just as you do other APK files.

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