What Can You Expect with the New PlayStation 4 System Software Update?

Playstation 4 System software Update 4.50

John Koller, Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing has announced the roll out of a major system software update for PlayStation 4.

Codenamed SASUKE, the version 4.50 of the software takes into consideration quite a few requests made by users in the past. Apart from these inclusions, the software is also involved in the refinement of the user interface. The software update will soon bring the following features to your console for a better user experience.

PS4 System Software Update 4.50

Even with the old system software, upgrading the HDD of your PlayStation 4 was not a herculean task. However, things have just become better with the update. If the already offered storage space on your console is not enough, you can increase this further by plugging in a second HDD to the console externally. All you have to do is to ensure that the external HDD is USB 3.0 compatible and does not have a storing capacity of more than 8 TB. Interestingly, you can download your applications and games directly to this storage device and go ahead with your installations from there. They can be accessed through either the Settings menu or the Content Launcher that you find on the home screen.

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Custom wallpapers are another trendy inclusion and allow you to save a screenshot from your favorite game as the backdrop image on the home screen. Additionally, you can make the text have a shadowy effect or dim the Function area so that the text is still clearly visible even if you have a dark image. The Photo mode can also help you manipulate your screenshot to the way you want it to be. The Quick Menu can now be refreshed by giving a long press on the DualShock 4 controller. This menu by itself has undergone revisions such as occupying less screen space and giving access to party features through Online Friends. The Notifications list is now simpler and easier to comprehend with all the tabs being done away with. All notifications appear as a simple list that you can easily take a glance at. The update makes the activity feed available at different portions of the console for you to make your posts directly and tag games and users.

Playstation 4 System software Update 4.50

Available only for PlayStation VR, you can watch 3D movies on your console with your headset thanks to the support rendered for 3D Blu-Rays. Another feature exclusively for PlayStation 4 following the update is a new mode called the Boost mode that can be activated in the System section of Settings menu for enhancing the performance of certain legacy titles and reducing their load times. PS VR users will notice that the 2D images look better and the cinematic mode resolution has undergone an improvement. The Remote Play app now supports the voice chat feature that can be turned on by activating the microphone icon located on the tool bar. A new icon resembling a smartphone has been added to indicate that the player has entered the PlayStation network, but is not in front of the system at the moment. PlayStation messages and community apps are also getting updated to reflect a couple of inbuilt message templates that you can use when you are not able to accept the party invitation at the moment.

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