Samsung S8 Could Sport Another Top Feature from iPhone, Wireless Earphones like Apple AirPods

Samsung Galaxy S8 AirPods

A new patent shows that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could come with another addition, wireless earphones, similar to Apple’s AirPods on its latest iPhone 7.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon be released in a matter of a few weeks and there are rumors that yet another top feature of the iPhone 7 will be present on the Galaxy device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Biggest and Best

Samsung will be unveiling its new device for the year, the Galaxy S8 on the 29th of March at the event held in New York. This will put an end to months of rumors and speculation, in what could possibly be the biggest and the best smartphone offered by the company so far.

Powerful Hardware

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will sport the most powerful hardware among smartphones of today. It will come with a completely new design and will offer an edge-to-edge screen display design. Some of the reports claim that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will have several features similar to the latest Apple iPhone 7.

News from Patents

The latest rumors of its similarity with the features on the iPhone 7 follows the patent application granted to the company. Sammobile saw the patent and it is concerned with two wireless earphones, which can synchronize with a partnering smartphone with the use of Bluetooth.

The U Flex pair of earphones will also perform the role of wireless earnest, whereby the user can make and receive a call even without having to touch the device.

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Using Bluetooth 5.0

It is also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first device to use Bluetooth version 5.0, which is the latest version of this technology. The new 5.0 version of Bluetooth offers several enhancements, with respect to range and connectivity strength and it is also more reliable.

Apple AirPods

Similarity to Apple AirPods

All this news sounds very similar to Apple, as Apple is also doing something similar with the use of the AirPods. The Apple AirPods enable the user to access Siri, the voice assistant, as the device includes directional microphones that are beam forming.

With the use of the Apple AirPods, the user can dictate a message or request a song. He or she can also make a phone call and ask for a specific direction, among many other uses.

Samsung Wireless Earphones

According to the rumors, it can be expected that Samsung will also be able to offer a similar functionality with its wireless earphones. It is also possible that Samsung will include some other features as well.

It is not known whether Samsung will sell the earbuds or wireless earphones separately, following the trend set by the Apple AirPods or the IconX. It is also possible that Samsung will offer the wireless earphones in the box for the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 AirPods

Sans Headphone Jack

Another rumor has stated that the Galaxy S8 will come without the conventional 3.5 mm headphone jack. This is also another aspect where the Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to be following the trend set by Apple for its iPhone 7 smartphones. This means that customers buying the Galaxy S8 will have to move on to USB C type of headphones or opt for the wireless earphones.

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