You Can Now Order Food from Within Google Maps – Here’s How to

Google Maps 4.23.0 for iOS

Mobile phones are meant to make our lives easier and this is just what the latest Google Maps app is adding to your phone. In fact, we can say this is more of convenience as you can now order food right from within this mapping application.

This is Google for you, making food delivery easier than ever in one of the least expected ways. A new update on Google Maps for iOS has added a nifty feature to this popular mapping application where users can “Place an Order” directly from the app, but this needs to be version 4.24. The app will allow you to get the food from any of your favorite restaurants, but this is not all.

With the updated Google Maps for iOS, you can also add images of places right from the app as well as find plus codes for different locations across the globe. According to the tech giant, the availability to order food from within the app is a new feature that is limited to certain areas. In case you are in any major city, the option should show up. In essence, this feature will not let you order food straight, but what it does is basically streamline the entire process.

How does it work?

Many might be asking how this Place an Order feature works in Google Maps. Well, it’s quite simple. When inside the mapping application and you click on a restaurant for more information about it, you will see an additional option to place an order for what interests you from what the restaurant is offering.

Google Maps

Once the order is placed, the user will choose an online food delivery service such as Seamless or GrubHub, depending on where the restaurant is available. Google Maps will then redirect the user to the service of their choice. Easy huh!

In addition to this new ability to order food, Google Maps v4.24 also allows users to capture photos right from within the app or upload an existing one with respect to different locations. Furthermore, the updated version lets users drop a pin to find plus codes for different locations. This is simply an identifier for any place that lacks street addresses.

You can visit the official Apple App Store and grab yourself this new Google Maps app to enjoy the new features.

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