Apple iPhone 8 Rumors – What Features Would You Like to See?

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last month, but expectations for the 2017 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are already huge, especially since the company is believed to have preserved major iPhone changes for the next-gen model.

With this in mind, here are some of the features that Apple fans would really enjoy seeing in the next iPhone 8 come 2017.

Design and display

When you look at the iPhone 7, it has lots of design similarities with the iPhone 6S, which is even more similar to the 2014 iPhone 6. In short, the current design is three years old and with iPhone 8, a new design is just what everyone wants to see.

Reports claim that Apple will debut a curved edge-to-edge display on the phone, thus enabling the company to reduce the physical size of the handset while keeping the same screen size. Speaking of the screen, the 2017 iPhone is also rumored to be set to drop the LCD panels that Apple has depended on for quite some time now in favor of OLED display, hence the curved design.

It gets even better as the phone is expected to come with the Touch ID embedded into the screen, thus further reducing the bottom bezel.


Apple is constantly upgrading its cameras. When you look at the growth from the 2014 iPhone 6 to the current iPhone 7, you have the right to expect an even better camera on the 2017 iPhone 8. Last year’s iPhone 6S had a 12MP snapper with f/2.2 aperture. This year, Apple kept the same megapixel count but increased the size of the aperture to f/1.8.

Many will be happy if the 4.7-inch variant also ships with a dual-lens camera like what we see on today’s iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 Plus

Bigger battery alongside fast, wireless charging

Apple’s iPhone 7 has a 1960mAh battery unit, which when compared to other handsets in the same pricing category, is a very small package. Of course, Apple says software and hardware optimizations will help deliver a longer battery life, but let’s face it, with all these gaming, browsing, watching videos, streaming live events and listening to music, among other things, a larger iPhone 8 battery capacity would really do the trick.

Apple fans also expect the 2017 iPhone 8 to finally ship with support for not just fast charging, but also fast wireless charging – features that Android users are already used to. The fact that Apple’s iPhones are made of metallic unibodies has hindered the inclusion of these features, but with the design changes coming to the iPhone 8, we expect to see Apple incorporate these nifty battery-charging capabilities.

Water and dust resistance

With the release of iPhone 7, Apple finally introduced IP certification on its smartphones, going for the second-in-command IP67 as opposed to the top-of-the-table IP68 that Samsung uses on its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge flagships.

This was a huge welcome for iPhone 7 buyers, but those after the 2017 iPhone 8 want more than this. We saw LG unveil a V20 that comes with MIL-STD-810G certification, making it one of the most robust flagships alongside the Galaxy S7 Active. Given the V20 has the same price tag as Apple’s iPhone 7, it is only ideal for the latter to bring over almost equal or even better protection capabilities to its 2017 flagship.

iPhone 8 Plus

As usual with annual upgrades, Apple will probably come in with an even better successor to the A10 processor used on the 2016 handsets alongside new software and other upgrades.

What else would you like to see when the iPhone 8 is unveiled in 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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