You Can Now Save Mobile Data on OnePlus 3 Running on Android Nougat

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 users have been able to access the latest Android Nougat OS on their devices since the beginning of this month. However, the availability was limited to a select few since it is just a beta version.

The Chinese company actually closed the beta program for new members, citing that it had gathered enough devices to take part in the beta testing of the OS. For those who managed to get into the program, you should be enjoying quite a number of perks associated with Android Nougat. These features include direct reply to notifications, multi-window view, bundled notifications and even quick launching of apps, among others. But since this is a beta version, not all features of this OS are already on board.

In fact, some users of OnePlus 3 on the beta program must be going through thick and thin as the OS still comes with bugs and errors. The good side of the story is that the Chinese OEM has been busy too, rolling out regular updates to the beta program via its own OxygenOS platform. The update comes as OTA files, meaning users will be notified that the download is ready for their devices.

Since this program begun early this month, quite a number of Android Nougat Open Beta builds have been rolled out to OnePlus 3 devices. Just recently, the company pushed out OxygenOS Open Beta 10. Like the rest of the versions before it, the update comes in with quite a number of fixes to bugs, performance improvements as well as a new feature.

OnePlus 3

As noted earlier, earlier beta versions did not have all features of Android Nougat, instead, they come in gradually via similar Open Beta updates. With the latest OxygenOS Open Beta 10, users of OnePlus 3 will now be able to save more of their mobile data thanks to the new Data Saver feature. What this feature does is restrict apps running in the background from using up your mobile data while at the same time letting the app in current use enjoy full data usage. This is a nifty addition for those who run on limited data packages and have no access to Wi-Fi.

So, if you want to save more mobile data with your OnePlus 3 smartphone running on Android Nougat beta, make sure you have updated to the latest OxygenOS Open Beta 10.

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