You can remove Apple iPhone X notch without jailbreaking the phone

iPhone X Notch Remover

Apple’s iPhone X is the most stunning handset the company has produced, yet. However, some sections of the Cupertino fan base weren’t so happy with what has been baptized the “notch.”

If you are one of the people who don’t really like seeing the notch on the gorgeous bezel-less display of the iPhone X, well, there is some good news for you. As at the time of this writing Apple has just approved an app dubbed the “Notch Remover” to be published to the iTunes App Store. This comes as a surprise given that the company has been urging iOS developers not to mask the notch and instead embrace it as a key display feature.

As if making a U-turn, the tech giant has now cleared the Notch Remover, which as the name suggests, lets iPhone X users “remove” the notch. In essence, this app doesn’t actually remove the notch, rather, it simply makes it invisible by placing a dark bar across images. Still, you must assign the changes to your Wallpapers via the iOS settings. After making all these changes, your iPhone X ends up with something like an old school monobrow status bar, replacing the two brows currently appearing at the top of the home and lock screens on the iPhone X. What makes it even better is the fact that you don’t need o jailbreak your phone in order to make these changes to the display.

The Notch Remover weighs 31.2MB and it can be at your service for just $0.99. But do you really need the app?

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