You can use Apple’s iMessage app on an Android device – Here’s how to

iMessage and AirMessage

Despite the huge collection of devices to choose from, many Apple iPhone users still find it hard to make the switch from iOS to Android.

While some will be quick to mention the superior software support they get from Apple as the major reason they think Android is not their thing, the main reason many can’t move is iMessage. Yes, Apple’s iMessage is the one reason WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps are not quite popular in the U.S.

The market is dominated by iPhone users, which makes it easy for them to stay in touch. If you happen to have a friend using Android, the other options for messaging are SMS or the likes of WhatsApp and co, but this won’t be for long.

A Redditor has developed a new application that allows Android users to enjoy the beauty of iMessage, but as you would expect, there are some limitations. Dubbed AirMessage, this app requires that you have a Mac computer around you because it uses the computer as a server. This means that all of your data (messages) will be secure to route to your phone.

Just in case you are wondering, this AirMessage app is similar to the standard iMessage. You get all the bells and whistles and even though the app is still in beta, the developer says it works perfectly fine. Oh, and if you are willing, the developer is seeking beta testers of the app, but be warned that there will be some bugs and errors since it’s incomplete.

In addition to owning a Mac PC (with macOS 10.11) and an Android phone (Marshmallow and above), you also need to have a Google Plus community account in order to sign up for the AirMessage beta testing program.

You can apply via the source link below. Alternatively, you can sit back and relax because the developer has promised to publish the app in the Google Play Store for free.


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