Can Walmart Family Mobile be a good alternative for data-hungry Google Project Fi users?

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Just like any other product, not everyone is a fan of Google Project Fi, but if you can fit in, this is one of the best MVNOs in the U.S., if not the best. By fitting in, it means that there are some “requirements” that will ensure you get the best out of Google Project Fi. If you don’t meet them, you’ll sooner than later realize that Fi is not for everyone.

Google Project Fi is designed in a way to help users save on their monthly phone plans. In fact, the MVNO is targeting those people who spend a lot of their time on the internet. However, not everyone can benefit from the company’s strategy. In order to save more on your monthly plan using Fi, you need constant access to Wi-Fi hotspots as well as be in areas where T-Mobile, Sprint or U.S. Cellular networks are strong. For those who travel regularly across the globe, Fi is the best companion.

A feature that makes Google Project Fi really interesting is the ability to shift between several connectivity options, be it T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular or Wi-Fi hotspot, depending on which has the strongest signal around your current location. So, if you are not a frequent international traveler but you still have access to free Wi-Fi hotspots, you also need to be in an area covered by any of the three supported carriers.

Despite all the goodies of Google Project Fi, which include a group plan that can hold a maximum of six people, including the owner, the MVNO has been criticized largely by data-hungry users who happen to have little to no contact with free Wi-Fi hotspots. If you are a heavy data user, Fi is not your type because you’ll end up paying dearly, probably more than $100 per month – a figure that can earn you an unlimited plan on most carriers.

Google Project FiWhile there are plenty of MVNOs you can turn to and quench your data hunger, one of the best is Walmart Family Mobile. Data hungry users can only be happy with an unlimited data plan, something that Google Project Fi doesn’t offer. With Walmart Family Mobile, you only need $50 per month to enjoy Truly Unlimited plan – calls, texts and 4G LTE high-speed data. Unlike the “unlimited” plans offered by several carriers, where browsing speeds are reduced after you hit a certain limit, this offer from Walmart Family Mobile doesn’t play this game.

On the contrary, this plan is limited for use in the country, unlike Project Fi that still works in more than 135 countries across the globe. Fi’s data also allows user to tether, but Walmart Family Mobile’s Unlimited plan doesn’t support this feature, which is a bit of a letdown. Also, keep in mind that this MVNO is limited to T-Mobile, which also limits its coverage. For the same amount, however, Google Project Fi would give you a mere 3GB data.

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If you thought the Unlimited plan is all that Walmart Family Mobile has compared to Fi, well, there’s more. Unlike Fi, the MVNO can be used on any T-Mobile-compatible phone, including unlocked models. In short, the selection of phones is huge as opposed to Fi, which offers a mere 8 options to choose from, yet only five of them are readily available for purchase.

The best part of Walmart Family Mobile is that you can walk into any Walmart store for any help regarding the service, which definitely dwarfs Google’s reach despite the fact that Project Fi has one of the best support teams.

Looking at this light comparison between the two, do you think Walmart Family Mobile is a good alternative for data-hungry Google Project Fi users? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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