CES 2017: An ‘Epic’ Huawei Honor Phone with Android Nougat and Dual Camera Set for Launch

Huawei Honor Phone at CES 2017

Huawei already made its name in the West known when it worked with Google on matters Nexus 6P. Since then, the company has been pushing newer devices westward, with the Huawei Honor division leading the way.

The latest member from the Honor division is set to be launched on January 3rd during the CES 2017 event. According to the tech giant, the new Huawei Honor phone will be an “epic” device. The hype the company has been throwing towards the device also shows that the phone should indeed be a real beauty, but not so much is known about this mystery Honor phone.

Honor USA is set to steal the CES 2017 show after confirming its attendance, tweeting that “Something epic is brewing” this past Friday. Given that the only hint Huawei gives out about this phone is the fact that it’s going to be epic, many have been left to guess what could really be the plan. Nonetheless, a series of tweets from the company seems to indicate that the Huawei Honor phone will ship with a dual-lens camera on the back. If this happens, the handset will join the Honor 8 that already comes with a dual-lens camera setup on the back.

Huawei Honor Phone at CES 2017

If anything, Huawei and its Honor department have taken to dual-lens cameras as their signature statement in the smartphone world. A bunch of Huawei’s flagship handsets are fitted with a dual-lens camera setup and so does the Honor division. Just recently, an Honor Magic was launched in China and like the rest, it also comes with a dual-lens camera setup alongside a curved front screen, similar to the Mate 9.

Whether the upcoming Huawei Honor phone will borrow some of the great aspects of the Honor Magic is still unknown. But who knows, we could be talking about an international version of the Magic. We are looking forward to finding out what Honor is cooking for us!

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