CES 2018: Netflix Partners with Razer Phone to Deliver HDR, Surround Sound

Netflix Partners with Razer Phone to Deliver HDR, Surround Sound CES 2018

The Razer Phone has managed to grab the attention of everyone at CES 2018 by being unique in so many ways.

The phone first received a laptop which when connected to could give you access to an entire computer powered by the small device.

While most people may not want to buy a laptop that doesn’t have any hardware at all and relies on smartphone connectivity to work, it indeed shows the true power of the Razer smartphone which is the first ever launch for the gaming peripherals company. But, good news is they are not stopping there and are about to make use of the powerful hardware components found in the device.

Netflix Partners with Razer Phone

Razer has partnered with one of the largest movie streaming services in the world Netflix to provide the optimal movie watching experience on their devices. In their official announcement, the company’s CEO and co-founder, Min Liang Tan said, “When we made the Razer phone, we wanted it to be the best device for gaming and media. Our idea was to bring the best picture clarity with HDR support and to deliver true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. It is about to get better on the Netflix app as all the compatible movies will soon support the highest level of colors and sound real soon. The 120Hz display on our phone will be tapped to its true potential. Just make sure you use a pair of THX certified headphones or Dolby optimized speakers and get ready for an immersive experience.”

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Smartphones have really got the best in CES 2018 as the companies have made lots of announcement and paved way for multimedia experience like never before. Instead of trying to focus solely on the smartphone and calling part, developers are pushing the boundaries these small devices could do as they become much better than real desktop and laptop computers which is good news for media enthusiasts as well as nerds who love to see the technology grow in many channels.

Netflix Partners with Razer Phone to Deliver HDR, Surround Sound

The new Netflix update to deliver movies in HDR 10 format and with Dolby sound will be rolled out to Razer smartphones later this month. While it doesn’t require any additional cost to be paid, users should be an active subscriber for the services so as to access the content and watch these films on their Razer phone. Things are quite favorable for the company’s debut in the smartphone industry so far.

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