Charge your Moto Z Phone Wirelessly using this $35 Ultimate Moto Mod, adds IR Blaster too

The Ultimate Moto Z Mod

There is a new Moto Z Mod in the works and according to reports, this mod, which also looks exactly like a smartphone case, has a number of interesting features it comes with.

The Moto Z was designed in a way that its performance can be enhanced by adding or rather attaching other accessories known as Moto Mods on its back. The latest one in development, which goes by the name the Ultimate Moto Z Mod, will be part of the company’s Transform the Smartphone Challenge. Here, Motorola wants you – an independent creator – to come up with a Moto Z Mod prototype in order to earn yourself a chance to pitch it to the likes of Verizon, Lenovo, and Motorola itself. In this way, your Mod will stand a chance of being sold countrywide via the Big Red.

At just 3.15mm thick, the Ultimate Moto Z Mod is no thicker than a standard Moto shell case. As per the rules of the competition, this mod is currently being funded on IndieGoGo. For it to work, the Moto Z Mod must first be plugged into the phone, but this is just for now. Once complete, it will be able to attach to the phone via the pins on the back. Another feature that is not yet complete is the IR Blaster, however, once included, the Moto Z that has this Ultimate Mod will easily be turned into a remote control that works with compatible devices.

To join the party, you can fund the project and receive the wireless charging Mod for a fee of just $35. When the IR Blaster joins the party, you’ll have to part with $45. However, be warned that this Ultimate Moto Z Mod will not be here until later this year, probably in November.

Would you mind buying a slim, wireless charging Moto Mod with IR Blaster for just $35? Do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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