Report: New Google Voice May Integrate Project Fi Support

Project Fi

The latest version of Google Voice app, which is v5.0, doesn’t come with support for Google Project Fi, however, this could be changing anytime soon.

According to the latest reports, it appears that Google Project Fi will soon be deeply integrated into Google Voice, 9to5Google has discovered. Apparently, this was set to happen at some point in the near future after Google reportedly said that it was looking for a “solution” as far as Project Fi users are concerned, an indicator that these plans are indeed underway for Google Voice.

Of course, the nature of the information says it all – that this has not been confirmed just yet. Nonetheless, it makes sense for Google to add support for Project Fi to Voice, especially since there already exists a very larger crossover between the two services. Still, Google is very much aware that this issue has been causing a problem for those using Google Voice and at some point decide to also take up Fi.

Google Project Fi and Google Voice

Apparently, users of Google Voice who sign up for Project Fi will end up missing a number of features from the former. While there won’t be direct access to the Voice website and apps, users will still be able to access a few features that Fi borrows from Voice. The only way you can possibly enjoy some of the best features of Google Voice from via Project Fi is going through Google Hangouts or maybe the standard Phone app, which makes the whole thing inconvenient.

As noted earlier, this is not an official communication from Google, but still, it will be interesting to have support for Google Project Fi from within the Google Voice app. As for now, we don’t know when this “solution” will be released, but we’ll keep track of the situation and bring you the latest developments on the same.

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