Charging Speed for Google Pixel Devices Different – Discrepancy Discovered and Confirmed, ThoughNot a Big Deal

Google Pixel Charging Speed

It has been confirmed that the charging speed of the Pixel XL is 18W, but that of the Pixel is limited to 15W.

Google has clarified that the Pixel can be charged only up to 15W, whereas the Pixel XL is capable of going up to 18 W, with the stock USB PD charger.

Google Pixel Charging Speed

Speeds Found

Nathan K is a well known tested of Android community and he found out the discrepancy with the help of several exhaustive tests. After noting the discrepancy, he has, however, added that the restriction in the Pixel charging will not have any effect on the functioning of the Sailfish.

No Negative Impact

According to Nathan K, the difference in the charging limit of the Pixel devices will not have any effect on the daily functioning and use of the phone. Both the charger as well as the smartphone is perfectly safe. According to him, the decision for keeping different charging limits was intentionally taken by the company and had been made due to some thermal concerns.

Pixel Site Updated

When this discrepancy was brought to light, Android Police had contacted Google for clarifying the same. It is very obvious that Google has committed a marketing mistake by failing to mention that the Pixel would charge at 15W and not at 18W like the Pixel XL. Now, the specification pages for the Pixel and Pixel XL states that the USB Type C, 18 W adapter offers support for 15W to 18W, whereas previously it was just 18W.


According to David Ruddock at the Android Police, it is possible that the Pixel team might have added this charging limit or cap for the Pixel devices in the later development stages. It is also possible that they added the charging limit before finalization of the firmware, so the marketing managers were not aware of it in time.

Clarifying the Cap

In short, it is now clear that the Pixel XL devices will be able to charge 18W, whereas the Pixel devices are controlled at 15W. However, it does not mean that the Pixel devices will not deliver the kind of experience that the company has promised. In fact, the difference of 3W is not really that much of a deal.

Another Impacting Factor

In addition, the battery of the Pixel XL is bigger at 3450 mAh, whereas that of the 5-inch model Pixel device is lesser at 2770 mAh. This means that it might take a little more time to charge the Pixel XL, which is a bigger device than the Pixel.

Pixel and the Pixel XL

Failing Disclosure

It seems that Google has failed to disclose all these aspects about the Pixel devices when it started to roll out both the devices. However, it does not seem likely that it is a deliberate ploy to keep the news of the limitation under covers.

Even if all this news changes users’ views regarding the Pixel devices, they can avail all of the features on the new Pixel phone without buying the phone, as they can install some of the features on their Android devices.

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