The Cheapest and Best Games to Get on Steam Summer Sale 2017

Steam Summer Sale 2017

It’s summer and time to lose some fat on your wallet! While PC Gamers always go gaga over their favorite gaming platform, Steam Summer sale 2017 will actually make you buy more games than you could every play.

There are a lot of tips and ways to actually buy only what you need rather than gorging on titles that just stack up on the Steam library. Spend money only on titles in which you would spend time. Don’t buy a game just because it is on sale. Besides, AAA titles usually warrant more attention rather than indie and multiplayer titles that are more seasonal. Check out PC gaming deals on Reddit, use the Enhanced Steam browser extension and your wishlist to keep track of your favorite titles.

2017 Steam Summer Sale

Now get ready to check out the most popular and the highly discounted games at Steam Summer Sale 2017.

Best Deals to Get Now

Watch Dogs 2 – Priced at $29.99 and the cheapest especially if you love the open world, technology hacker friendly environment.

Grand Theft Auto V – $29.99 quite cheap once again and worth for the single player story even if you are not interested in multiplayer.

Doom – $14.99 a no-brainer purchase for first person shooter lovers. You can always pick it up to just kill down monsters without having to worry about a storyline at all.

Dishonored 2 – $19.99 another AAA title that follows up on the original. Critic reviews are mixed but at this price tag it wouldn’t hurt to grab it and give it a shot.

A couple of other notable games which are part of the sale include Fallout 4 at $14.99, Civilization 6 at $35.99 and the entire series of Final Fantasy is being sold for highly discounted rates. All the games in the FF series including the old Final Fantasy 3 to the newly released Final Fantasy 9 comes with huge discounts priced at $10.49 for the latest game. The remastered HD edition of FF is at $14.99.

Steam Summer Sale 2017

Ghost Recon Games – An Easy Pick for FPS, Strategy Lovers

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is just $3.39 if you are too much in a nostalgic mood and want to go back in time to experience the title that started it all. There’s the newest Ghost Recon Wildlands with 33 percent off at $40.19. The game’s issues are kind of fixed now and should run seamlessly on your gaming PC. Check out Steam store to know more deals.

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  1. The games I would have bought in this sale I already bought in the GOG sale that ended recently. Tbh I much prefer the GOG platform these days.

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