Steam Summer Sales Refund Request Skyrocket to 205,000


A lot of things happen during Steam Summer Sale 2017 but so many refund requests was not supposed to be one of them.

But, it did happen and Valve confirmed that they had to approve them as all of them were legitimate.

Steam sales are a yearly affair, especially the summer and winter sales during which almost every game title in this huge digital platform gets discounted. When one of the biggest PC distribution platform hosts such discounts, everyone will come onboard. Origin, UPlay, G2G, Gamersgame, Greenman Gaming and every other digital store will host sales at the same time. Even big companies like Amazon and Gamestop will join so as to offer their best deals and convince gamers to get those titles from their own store.

Steam Summer Sales Refund Request Skyrocket

However, the advantage you have when shopping on Valve’s Steam is that it is easy to buy a game and if it doesn’t meet system requirements or isn’t as fun, you can request a refund with less than 2 hours of gameplay. Over 205,000 refunds have been submitted and claimed within a span of few days which is huge. Support requests have touched 315,000 as soon as sales began which used to be just 75,000 on an average in the past.

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Out of the lost, a game titled Rust seems to be the most refunded titles ever since the sale began. Over 330,000 copies of Rust has been refunded due to some issues with the gameplay and it is said to not meet players’ expectations. Surprisingly, the game developers are very happy and enjoying the sales because despite all the negative reviews and claims, the 330,000 accounts to just six percent of their total sales. It stands proof to the fact that they have sold so much titles within the past few days and going strong.


In their official statement, Steam did confirm that they received such increased numbers of refund requests. They are responding through support in approximately 48 minutes and the longest waiting time is 1 hour 47 minutes before they could process the request to credit the money back in the Steam wallet. Things have been going good and strong for Steam as always because their sales always go way beyond all these refund requests and support issues as they are the solo player in the particular area. For PC gamers who are ready to go gaming even with their cheapest rig, the sales would give them dozens of titles for just $50 or less.

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