Classic Duke, the Original Xbox Controller is Coming Again with $70 Price Tag

Classic Duke, the Original Xbox Controller is Coming Again

The big war between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners continue over exclusive titles.

However, when it comes to the best accessories, controllers and features Xbox continues to beat its competitors on a whole new level.

Recently, the developers unveiled the Sea of Thieves controller which simply looked gorgeous and had a great looking glow in the dark skull in the middle. The design and outlook of the product looks so good that it may easily surpass the real game which is supposed to be a celebrated Xbox One exclusive title.

Classic Duke, the Original Xbox Controller is Coming Again with $70 Price Tag

Continuing the tradition with better accessories and some of the best nostalgic moments, the Classic Duke, the original controller which was so bulky and belonged to the first ever Microsoft’s Xbox console is coming back to the stores and it could be yours for just $70. Trying to hold this huge device and playing modern day titles that require the fastest reflexes is no easy task.

Duke was originally announced by Hyperkin a couple of months ago and confirmed that they are going to make it as close to the original controller which made waves more than a decade ago. When it came out, the bulky size was such a big problem yet some people loved it. And, if it was never made the standard controller for the Xbox console, it could have never led to the best and world’s most favored Xbox One S controller that people have come to love on all platforms.

Classic Duke, the Original Xbox Controller

Be it Microsoft Windows 10 or on the Xbox One, gaming using the latest controller which is compact and feels so great in the hands was inspired by the Duke. It might be hard to digest this fact as the old edition looks kind of ugly yet it is worthy to purchase this one for $69.99 if you like to have a piece of history stored in your house.

The announcement has been made on Hyperkin’s official Twitter page and the company confirmed that they will be bringing it to the stores by the end of March this year. Previously, it was supposed to be an exact replica of the original controller but in order to make it usable in modern titles and not just a nostalgia machine, the designers have made some tweaks to it and replaced the Xbox logo in the middle with a large, circular OLED screen.

It also left and right bumpers along with a detachable 9-foot cable. The controller works with both Xbox One console and Windows 10 PCs.

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