Google Duo Video Calling App Now Lets You Make Calls Without the App

Google Duo Video Calling App Now Lets You Make Calls Without the App

Google loves to introduce new apps from time to time and sometimes they become standalone options.

Google Duo and Allo are the two new apps the company revealed two years ago. They were designed for different purposes.

While the Allo was supposed to be the best messaging app even though they already had Hangouts which previously supported phone number integration, the company wanted it to be a standalone solution. However, it is easy to say that the Duo video calling app was a huge hit because compared to so many other solutions available in the market, this one provided the best video clarity over the internet.

Google Duo Video Calling App Now LMake Calls Without the App

Hangouts may or may not be discontinued which we don’t know at the moment. It is one app that has been used to replace the previously popular Google Talk which later became GTalk. Google Duo was had a simple yet efficient interface that immediately allowed you to place a video call without a fuss. It is now being improved so as to reach more users. Most people didn’t have it installed and even if you had it, it was tough to place a call to those on the other end.

The developers had come up with an answer for this long running problem. In a feature update, you will actually be able to place a video call and it would work even if the person on the other side didn’t have the app installed on their Android smartphone. It is powered by Google’s Play App Preview Messaging.

Google Duo Video Calling App

As soon as the call is made, the recipient will immediately be able to see what is being shown through the caller’s camera. It’s exactly how the Duo works but without it running on their smartphone. The app will allow them to establish a fully functioning video call and once the call ends, they will see a notification that asks them to download the program from the Google Play Store. It also provides an option to block future calls from the user so as to provide more privacy and not to allow anyone to keep making calls without your permission.

The only catch is that the Duo works without having to be installed only in Android phones and not all devices support it. Only select phones can make use of this feature. When you see your phone contacts, it will show a Duo symbol indicating that these people have a compatible handset and they will be able to receive the video call without the app. It’s messaging app Allo is receiving a visual upgrade as well.

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