Comcast xFi Beefs Up Security Measures by Sending Push Notifications to its Customers


The internet service providers in the United States share a love-hate relationship with their customers due to speed throttling in weekends besides many other complaints. Comcast xFi wants to change some of these by rolling out some user-friendly features.

While the government has already announced that the internet is an essential utility just like water and power, the bill to bring it under the direct control of the agencies is under consideration. The steps are already being initiated by Arjit Pai who has earned a notorious name among internet lovers around the globe.

Despite all these backlashes and shortcomings, users in North America don’t have a choice but to get their connections from one of the available service providers. Comcast is a popular company in the region which is yet to show how much download data is left and provide a clear picture of how their fair usage policy works. The company has decided to skip all the basic necessities and will deliver something that may or may not be actually helpful to the average user.

Comcast xFi

Comcast xFi users will now receive push notifications on their smartphones when they are connected to the same network and are signed in using their official credentials. Based on the update rolled out by the company, there will be a notification every time something is changed to the connection. If your kids are still awake and browsing on the internet late in the night, you will be notified that they are online.

For further security measures, the notification will be pushed every time a new user joins the network. It’s a handy little feature that will let you know if someone outside your house is trying to get into your network or hacked into your router without your knowledge. Comcast xFi users will also receive push notifications on their smartphone every time the Wifi password is changed, new users are added to the network and if the home network’s IP address is changed by an authorized admin in the network.

With so many features to look forward to, it might be a valuable addition to those who value their privacy and want to safeguard their home network against stalkers. If you don’t want to be disturbed with so many push notifications throughout the weeks, you can choose to turn them all off and continue using Comcast services as you always did. The notifications can be turned off at the Notification center in the xFi app.

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