Raspberry Pi is Getting its Own Tablet, Raspad to Power Your Creative Ideas  

Raspberry Pi Tablet Raspad

Every time someone utters the word Raspberry Pi, the average person imagines an open computer setup with motherboards, input devices and lots of w(e)ired stuff to make it work.

It’s not surprising to see people intimidated by the whole idea which is why a new Kickstarter campaign is on to bring it to the masses with the Raspad.

You guessed it right! The Raspad is an all-in-one Raspberry Pi tablet which is portable, easy to use and most importantly doesn’t expect you to be a hardware expert. The compact tablet runs on the Pi computer setup but it also includes all the essential ports such as Ethernet, audio, built-in speakers and USB ports.

For beginners who feel programming is a complex job to take up, the Raspad makes things easier by providing an intuitive tablet interface. The tablet encourages creative minds to come up with ideas and it will help you bring them to life almost instantly. The device is not slim by any means and has a large 10.1-inch touchscreen display.

Users can have complete control over their projects and it simplifies the process by providing hardware kits for beginners, sensor kits and a bundled tutorial guide with great projects to get you started. If you are more into advanced modifications, it’s possible to add new hardware modules inside the tablet, connect third-party motherboards, sensorsand install any operating system of your choice.

Being a Raspberry Pi machine, the tablet is open source and supports Android, Linux besides other major OSes to support your projects. Some interesting projects the Kickstarter campaign lists are the ability to control a small drone, creating your own musical instrument with light bulbs and navigate a robot arm to do specific actions. You can even connect your Xbox One controllers and play games on the Raspad.


The Kickstarter project will allow the developers to mass produce the Raspad and sell it to the general public. The idea is to nurture creative thoughts and the ability to code, execute projects to introduce young children to the exciting world of technology. You can choose to support the project and receive the tablet for $189. Advanced users who want to make the most out of their Raspberry Pi tablet can opt for the expensive $735 kit which also includes a robot arm and the vision camera kit. The handy project book will help you get started but there are no limitations on cool ideas and executing them is easy with the help of a portable device as this one.

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