Conan Exiles to be Made Available on Xbox One from Spring 2017

Conan Exiles Available on Xbox One

The survival game Conan Exiles is expected to be one of the first games to be available for a soft launch in the upcoming year 2017 via Early Access.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais stated in an interview that the reason for choosing Early Access was to reach out to as many people as they can. He added that by building a hub of players helped developers identifying the potential of the game. Drawing inspirations from Robert E Howard’s fantasy Conan the Barbarian cinemas featuring a pseudo-historical age, Funcom’s game can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes. Single players can enjoy taking control of the entire world by setting up their private servers. With initial support for Xbox One, soon PlayStation 4 users may also be able to try their hand at the game. Rendering support for 11 languages including English in the early stages, Conan Exiles will demonstrate innovative 360-degree screenshots. A PC release is slated to take place before the Xbox One version.

Conan Exiles

Theme and setting you can anticipate

The command and conquer Conan game revolves around your ability to follow three key concepts – survive, build and dominate. You will be treated as a downtrodden and outcast exile. Positioned in a brutal barbaric wasteland, there will be many encounters and face-to-face attack with barbarians.While trying to save yourself from cannibals waiting to quench their thirst with your blood and malicious monsters, looking out food and water becomes quite insignificant. To add to this misery, the weather is also unpredictable. You must be prepared for sudden sandstorms or sand dunes that come your way and even travel underwater. Not only dry lands, an Inquisitr report states that you will come across jungles and forests, highlands, snowy mountains, swamps and biomes. Some screenshots also indicate the presence of bleak caves, oases and landscapes. Although you will be able to design your own tools as the game progresses, you will have to begin the battle with bare hands. Keep in mind always that there is scope for only the powerful to thrive in this wasteland.

In course of your pursuit for survival by mastering a number of survival tactics, you will find that the open world has a rich history attached to it. As you work your way to building your own civilization, you will be surrounded by the ruins of civilizations of the past that once existed in this barbaric world. Not only this, you will get an opportunity to know more about their dark histories.To set up your own civilization you must be prepared to get involved in wars, blood magic, building cities and fortresses, enslaving opponent tribes and even managing an empire. Canon Exiles is also all set to help you explore secretive ruins to lay your hands on some treasure and gain some knowledge. Both of these can help you win the war as the game progresses. You will be allowed to summon some of the vengeful Gods by doing sacrifices to help you face the war easily. Offering them your live enemies’ beating hearts on altars soiled with blood will help you win your way to glory and achieve true power. Alternatively, you will be able to make the bandits you capture from exiled lands execute your commands by smashing them into pieces on the Wheel of Pain.

Other things that are bound to catch your attention as you play are innovative tools and weapons, creatures, crafting stations, tanning beaches and newly designed furnaces.

What Joel Baylos has to say about Canon Exiles

According to an interview given by game director Joel Baylos on Gamespot, this game will surely do a great job in helping the player to assess his skills and strength.In addition, he feels that the exile game will be different from other games because it will not treat players to the usual sandbox. Rather, it will help them gain in depth knowledge about barbarian times and civilizations of the past.

Conan Exiles Available on Xbox One

A post on the game’s blog says that a lot of enhancements have been made ever since the developers released the very first trailer of the pre-alpha gameplay. This did not appear appealing to many players. Following the feedback received, various updates have been made to make the game as vibrant as possible. All in all, the modified Conan Exiles appears to be a promising and very exciting game. Funcom has always been known to offer some of the best games for avid console gamers. The Canon game is bound to be no exception and is very likely to be a runaway hit with excellent mind-blowing graphics. Art direction also appears to be really great from what is presented through the trailers. The Gods and other mythical creatures look really well-developed while what all you can do when you are in exile seems endless. With 360-degree screenshots using Ansel technology implemented by the graphics card Nvidia manufacturer, the settings seem more realistic than ever. Interestingly, the full gallery is available on the manufacturer’s website for public viewing.

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