U.S. President, Donald Trump, Wants Apple iPhone to be Built Locally


In the wake of the privacy issues surrounding cheap smartphones being sold in the U.S., new President, Donald Trump, wants a change in how the Apple iPhone is built.

According to the Trump, it is a better idea of the Apple iPhone was built from scratch locally rather than depend on external manufacturers such as Chinese firm Foxconn, like Apple has been doing for quite some time now. The outspoken President, who is known for his love for Android devices, has come out with claims that he is looking forward to an Apple company that can build the iPhone from scratch using its own plants based in the U.S. rather than seeking help from Asian firms in China and Vietnam, for instance.

Whether indeed Trump talked to Cook about this possibility or not can only be confirmed by Apple, something the Cupertino Company has remained silent on. Nonetheless, it won’t be an easy task convincing the company to shift its manufacturing jobs to the country, especially when looking at how this field has been fading away over the recent years. In short, there are no manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and as such, Apple has always welcomed the idea of heading east for the same. Furthermore, the cheap labor in this region and the fact that many component suppliers are based in Asia makes it easy and cheaper for the Apple iPhone to be assembled in these regions.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

This is not the first time Trump has gone vocal about his desire for not just the Apple iPhone, but also other Apple products like computers and tablets, among others, to be made in the country. In fact, the President-elect has claimed that he is ready to offer huge tax cuts for corporations as well as discard all regulations that he believes many others see as “ridiculous.” He even thinks that placing huge taxes on products coming from China and other regions will help increase dependence on local products.

Given that Trump and his team are yet to take office, this is still empty talk, but who knows what surprises the President-elect has in store for the Apple community? Only time will tell.

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